So Long, Oregon

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Free for PC/Windows

A fun new game about American history

-Realistic Conestoga wagon physics!
-5 exciting diseases!
-The lost city of Gold!

See the game in action:


Drive a wagon across the American west, then veer south in search of the legendary ancient lost city of GOLD known as "El Dorado". Oregon only has dirt! Wouldn't you rather be rich?


Test your Conestoga wagon driving skills in 4 Challenges, including the Historical Oregon Trail for those of you who don't want gold.

Experience physically accurate terrain collision rendering. So much more than just going left!

Your ride:

Wagon 1840 Pennsylvania built Conestoga Wagon.
18 feet long, 8 ton capacity, tarred and covered.
Top speed: 15 miles/day pulled by 1 well-trained American Ox.

Your hearty family:

Pa Pa, "That's me. I don't care much for snakes."

Ma Ma, "Cooks well, I suppose."

Pou Poubelle, "Getting too big for her britches."

JB John-boy, "We can't afford his measles shot."

Zeke Zeke, "Helps out lifting hay and such."

TF Twofeathers, "A friendly Indian guide."

C Carlos, "Tells us old legends of El Dorado."

TF ??, "Don't suppose I know who this is."

Your destination:

The fertile Willamette Valley in Oregon. No wait... it's EL DORADO!

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"The novelty value of So Long Oregon! is out of this world"


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"So Long, Oregon! perverts the classic Oregon Trail with flashing lights, techno music, a completely different gameplay style, and general wackiness."


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